Short summary in English

Welcome to Falu Miner Chord's website. We are a barbershop choir and we operates in the city of Falun, Dalecarlia region, Sweden. The region is a very old miner region, therefor the name. The choir has existed since 1985 and here are some other facts about us:

  we have approximately 45 members who all love to sing (of course)
  we practice every monday 6.30pm. More often before concerts & contests.
  we give concerts
  we participates in barbershop contests
  we made an Ireland trip 1998
  we made another Ireland trip  2002
  and we went to USA 2004
  we made yet another Ireland trip  2008
  we give an annual christmas concert together with our sisterchoir, Coppartown Harmony and guests
  a couple of quartets with members mainly from FMC; 4 Untits, 4T+

If you want to get in touch with us:

Lars-Åke Eriksson  (Conductor) 46 23  135 69
Åke Embretzén  (President)
Håkan Bodare    (Mr Fix) 46 70 - 575 87 95
The rest of this site is in Swedish but here are som internal links that you might appreciate anyway;